Connecting the world of nightlife jobs.

NightLifeWork (NLW) is as simple as it sounds. A website where employers from the world of nightlife can post vacancies for anyone looking for jobs in nightclubs, bars, beach clubs, hotels, events and restaurants in some of the world’s major cities including London, Dubai, Barcelona, Paris, Cannes, NYC, Vegas and LA. For anyone looking for work in the nightlife industry, this is the platform to search your ideal job.

Whether a nightclub is looking for cocktail waitresses, VIP host or a DJ or a restaurant looking to advertise for a general manager, NightLifeWork is the place to post the vacancy to attract the best candidates to fill the role. NLW is very simple to use, reflecting nightlife, the glitz, the glam but making sure the process is easy and cutting out all the bureaucracy.

NightLifeWork was founded by 2 entrepreneurs, Annas Mohammed Ali and Amin Abbasian. With a combination of over 30 years in nightlife experience and businesses in various other industries, their objective it to pioneer the recruitment process in this demanding industry.

The plan is to cover over 50 cities, accumulating over 10,000 venues and over 50,000 types of jobs while over 12,000 candidates registered before the website was launched. This is set to be a major player in the world of nightlife recruitment…

Knowledge, skills, innovation and connections; this is the ingredients of this platform.