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Restaurant Ours - Supervisor


–   Execute all waiting duties when allocated to a section

(a)    Set up table

(b)    Accompany guests to the table

(c)     Introduce and hand over the menu

(d)    Introduce daily specials

(e)    Take food and drinks orders

(f)      Constantly scan the floor and monitor guests’

(g)    Swiftly respond to guests’ requests

(h)    Anticipates guests’ needs

(i)      Serve food and drinks

(j)      Ensure food is appropriately served

(k)    Maintain table

(l)      Collect payment from guests

–                 Maintain and run a section of the restaurant independently to a high standard

–                 Try and identify guests’ age for alcohol serving restrictions

–                 Organise and participate as required in all training sessions

–                 Adhere to restaurant rules and regulations

–                 Role-model for waiters and peers

–                 Able to perform all waiter’s duties

When supervising a section or two, making sure the above standards are being delivered by waiting staff, by being present on the floor leading and assisting waiting team by showing example


Other Key responsibilities:

–                 To make sure restaurant floor is always clean and set up before service

–                 To make sure BOH remains clean, set up and tidy at all times, before, during and after service.

–                 To make sure all consumables we use for the restaurant floor are present in all stations before service ( bill folders, coasters, candles, PDQ rolls, printer rolls, menus etc…) If stocks levels are going low, to immediately email management and request an ordering for the relative item.

–                 To make sure floor staff members are all groomed according our standards, it is your responsibility to make sure their breaks are being allocated fairly, and that they all return on the floor or for briefing on time.

–                 As closing supervisor, it is your responsibly to do the FOH & BOH 360 degree check before sending all the staff home and make sure all areas are clean, tidy following cleaning procedure in place.


–                Commitment to continuous learning

–                Commitment to continuous mentoring towards team members

–                Pleasant and friendly while ensuring standards being followed

–                Able to communicate well with different department

–                “Face” of the restaurant and face of the team

–                Able to anticipate guests’s needs and staff needs

–                Able to deal with stressful situations, absorbing stress and not sharing it with staff.

–                Perfect product knowledge

–                Service orientation

–                Social perceptive

–                Time management & Meeting deadlines

–                 Teamwork


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Job Overview

  • Job Title: Floor Supervisor
  • Location: South Kensington, London
  • Date Posted: Posted 2 years ago
  • Expiration date: 7th December 2017
  • Start Date: Immediately