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Rumpus Room, NYC’s best boutique nightclub, is searching for an exceptional full-time barback

Prerequisites for this role:
3 years+ experience as a barback / busser at an established, high volume nightclub / lounge / bar
Exceptional references from previous employers, from within the past 3 years
A crystal clean criminal record
No drinking or drug use
The commitment to show up on time and the ability to leave late
The legal ability to work within the United States
Job requirements:
A strong enthusiasm to work hard as a combined barback / busser at an established and successful nightclub with general business hours of 10pm to 4am, meeting the needs of the club and management
The ability and willingness to handle all duties alone or in tandem with a second barback / busser.
Team player attitude, working closely and frictionlessly with management, bartenders, waitresses, bathroom attendant, etc.
The ability and willingness to lift and move heavy objects, such as changing kegs within the walk-in fridge and carrying ice buckets from our basement upstairs to our ground floor
Arriving one hour before opening to prep the main and service bars, including product, glassware, ice bins, bar supplies, changing kegs and soda gun cans as needed, cutting fruit, bathroom supplies, etc
Upkeeping the main and service bars throughout the night, including washing and restocking glassware, taking out and replacing garbage, restocking ice bins, restocking product and bar supplies, changing kegs and soda gun cans, restocking fruit, restocking bathroom supplies, etc
Upkeeping the floor throughout the night, including setting up and maintaining tables for bottle service, bussing dirty glassware and empties, sweeping and mopping, etc.
Maintaining the basement supply room, walk-in fridge and liquor room in an orderly way, including alerting management in advance of key items needed for reordering.
Nice to have / bonus skills:
3 years+ relevant work experience within NYC
Food Protection certificate
Fluency in one or more languages other than English
The ability to bartend

Job Overview

  • Job Title: Barback
  • Location: NYC
  • Date Posted: Posted 6 months ago
  • Expiration date: 6th March 2019
  • Start Date: July 2019